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Welcome to Bodhi Fitness!

I believe in a specific, holistic approach to health and fitness where each individual's needs are integrated into a complete program for wellbeing!

Incorporating fitness, nutrition, mind-body techniques, muscle assessment, stretching, and massage are the way to positive longevity. I believe in looking at all areas of a client's life, including physical abilities, structural issues, stress factors and life goals to create the most encompassing conditioning program possible.

I continue to educate myself in the latest advancements of training techniques and philosophies, from an anatomical to spiritual context. I have found my dance background along with exercise physiology, strength training techniques, and Pilates has given me an insight into training, which few other fitness professionals possess. I create a program that incorporates all necessary aspects to lead to optimal wellness. This can include one-on-one workouts in your home or gym, travel programs, or self-sufficient workouts. My main goal is to provide you with the strongest, healthiest, and fittest body you can have, leading to ultimate health.

Your healthiest future awaits!


Melissa Peretz