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Wellness and Fitness Solutions:

We offer programs for everyone from the weekend warrior triathalete, wellness devotee, to the mom-to-be that fit in to your personal lifestyle. Choose from the list below and contact us for more information as to how we can best tailor a personalized program for your goals.

Weight Loss Intensives
Utilizing a personalized combination of cardio, strength training, and nutritional techniques to get you the healthiest efficient weight loss possible. We donít use gimmicks, just proven workout techniques and nutritional systems that simply get results for the long term.

Strength and Flexibility Training
Using free-weights and your own bodyís resistance, we create a strengthening program to give you the best results possible. Flexibility is a key ingredient to keeping muscles strong and resilient. Toning and strengthening are the result of these personally tailored programs.

Cardio and Core Training
Cardiovascular conditioning can be done either in the gym on a variety of equipment, or in our outdoor environment. Using the latest techniques for heart rate training to get you in peak cardiovascular condition. We intersperse this program with core work for maximum results.

Pre & Post Natal Training
To help prepare for the marathon of labor and the demands of a new baby, we offer specific workouts tailored to each trimester of your pregnancy. Maintaining an exercise program during this special time makes for a safer and easier delivery and quicker journey back in to shape... not to mention keeping the unhealthy pounds off as your baby grows inside of you.

Boxing Workouts
This high-intensity cardio workout encompasses drills, core work, and extreme mental focus. A popular stress releaser as well!

Utilizing the method of Joesph Pilates, these sessions engage the 'powerhouse' core muscles to create stabilization and strengthening. This mind-body system uses the breath to bring awareness to every movement for balance, strength and flexibility. In-home mat work or using the Pilates Reformer (if available).

A 5000-year-old practice, that is suitable for every fitness level. Using the breath to focus the mind on the movement allows for deeper stretching and strengthening. This flow-based style of hatha yoga brings about a feeling of inner peace and wellbeing. A must for relieving daily stress, and finding your center to enhance your performance and mental/emotional balance. Private, duo, or group sessions are all beneficial!

Sits in the Zazen style to center us back to our true selves. Meditation can play a key role in us understanding and calming our minds and bodies to a point of true freedom. Like any other form, meditation takes practice!

Power Plate Training
The Power Plate's vibration technology accelerates the effects of a regular strength and conditioning program. Program based on the availability of a Power Plate machine.

Cyber Training
Any program can be tailored to cyber training. Using either video technology or infrequent sessions, we make you feel like we are in the room with you. You have full email access for any questions and a tailored program at a fraction of the cost.